Baby Modeling: FAQ

Please, read carefully before submitting your photo updates. If you are familiar with this information, you can jump to our upload system.
How often should I send updated photos?
Newborns: once a month. Babies 6 months to 2 years old: every 3 to 4 months. Kids 2 years old and up: every 6 months. This allows our agents and clients to see how your child changes over time, and ensures that their portfolio remains current. Even if their looks haven’t changed much, it also keeps their portfolio fresh and gives clients something new to see.
How many photos should I send each month?
We like to receive 5-10 images at a time, so we can choose the best selects to update your child’s portfolio and e-card. No more than 10 please.
Where should I send the updated photos?
Please use this website to upload all photos for the agency to review.
How do I know if the photo quality is good enough for my child’s portfolio?
All photos should be CLEAR (i.e. in focus with no blurriness or cloudiness) and BRIGHT (i.e. taken in nice natural light or with a flash). They should be taken with a high-quality digital camera, and the camera should be set to a high-resolution setting – NO CELL PHOTOS PLEASE.
What format and size should the photos be in?
All photos must be sent in jpeg format, and we prefer them as attachments, as opposed to in the body of the e-mail. They must be at least 1MB. Smaller than 500KB is too small. Maximum size is 5MB.
Should I send headshots and body shots?
Yes! We need both headshots and body shots for your child’s portfolio. However, please keep in mind that all photos should be taken from a medium distance, so our agents can crop and edit as needed. We can’t use photos that are cropped too close and don’t show the entire face or body. We prefer shots taken in portrait (vertical) rather than landscape.
What type of clothing should my child wear in the photos?
We recommend bright colors that are eye-catching and compliment your child’s features. We prefer solids, although patterns are fine as well, as long as they don’t distract from your child’s face. Remember, we’re promoting the model, not the clothes. No logos. Tops and bottoms are great, and dresses for girls are okay too. No nudes. Clean faces and neat hair.
Should I take the photos indoors or outdoors?
Both! You should use a variety of attractive backgrounds including both indoor and outdoor locations. For babies, try taking photos indoors with stuffed animals and toys, or outdoors in the grass or a near a flower bed. For older kids try taking photos at the park or playground, or posing on a bicycle or scooter. Also studio shots tend to not make the kids shine the way we like. Natural light is always best!
Is there anything I should avoid when taking the photos?
Yes! We prefer NOT to receive photos that… Show wetness on your child’s face or clothing (i.e. sweat, tears, drool, etc.) Were taken in the bath, or with no clothing, show food on your child’s face or clothing, include other people (who aren’t also models signed with our agency). No pets and no props in the background. Remember to try to get a great main shot, as it it the first photo clients will see when they are on our website.
Is there anything else I should keep in mind?
Smiles, smiles, smiles! Our clients love booking happy babies and children, so the more smiling/laughing photos you send us, the better! Have fun with these photo shoots, and keep in mind that while you’re updating your child’s portfolio, it’s also practice for them being in front of the camera. If your child is in a serious mood yet has a pleasant disposition, that’s okay. Those moments can work well on camera. (Hint: Flip through a few children’s magazine or clothing catalogs, and view the photos of the babies and children in them. Then try to take photos of your child that are similar.) Children should also be rested and well fed before they shoot. If your kids also have missing teeth, it is okay, please update their photos as well.
Do you have any examples of strong photos that I can review?
Yes! Below are examples of both professional and semi-professional photos that work well. Please remember that the photos below have already been edited and cropped, however, when you send yours, send the unedited/un-cropped versions and we’ll edit the images to fit our proper dimensions.

Photo Examples

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