Work Permits for Minor Performers in the State of California

Click Here to Download the Entertainment Work Permit for Minors

  2. PLEASE fill out all 6 pages of the contract and email to The contract is valid for 1 year for both print & commercials. Please include your baby’s name and their social Security number on  the W-9 & W-4  As a guardian you will sign and date on their behalf. Contracts are automatically renewed.
  3. Photos: we need clean and current snapshots of your baby. Please refrain from sending photos with hair accessories, many distractions in the background, and clothing with too many logos. Monochromatic colors really do pop on our website.
  4. Work Permit:All kids working in CA must have a work permit, they cannot work without one. Please go to the Van Nuys office to apply before 12pm. Mail & online applications can take weeks arrive. I have included the address below. This is the only office in the state of CA that issues work permit the same day. Once obtained, the agency will need a copy. (Note: If your baby is less than one month old, the application will need a stamp from the doctor. Also you can still get a permit if your baby does not have a work permit. The documents provided by the hospital or midwife serve as proof of birth as well.)

Van Nuys – Entertainment Work Permits

6150 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 100
Van Nuys, CA 91401


Walk In Service Available At This Location – Call first

  1. Coogan Account:All kids need a Coogan trust (Coogan only, no UTMA account as these are for NY) as well, this is not a checking or savings account. 15% of your baby’s earnings will be deposited into this account until they 18. The bank will give you a letter with all of the account information. It should include the name of the bank, account number, routing number, address of the bank where the account was opened, and the trustee. Once obtained, please email the agency a copy as well. If the bank does not give you a letter, please ask them to draft one for you.
  2. Please email  ( all documents as soon as you obtain them!

We know this is a lot of information and we are here to help make sense of all of it. If you want to get your baby started sooner, we need the work permit and the contract to begin submissions immediately.

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