Urban Rush

Skin Care Secret

May 14, 2020

After having my second child, (yes I was much heavier due to just having a baby,) & In between shooting the second season of my show, “Runway Moms,” I was asked to be the spokesperson for Bio-Oil. I went through extensive media training & spent a week traveling across Canada making live appearances on all the top leading media outlets & radio talk shows to discuss skincare during pregnancy. Little did they know, I was already a huge fan of Bio-Oil and had been using it ever since it’s launch. To this day, I still use it in alternative ways other than skincare. It’s helped dry hair and unwanted wrinkles under my eyes. I even use it to push my cuticles back. When I arrived home, sitting there was a huge box of bio-oil. I’ve used every itty bitty drop! Love the stuff!